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About Credit Hub Capital

Credit Hub Capital is one of the highly recommended money lender in Singapore. We have always been offering loans to qualified individuals. We also provide a wide range of loan packages for everyone, which means you can take out a loan to meet your financial needs.

At Credit Hub Capital, personal loan can range from $SG500 up to $SG5,000. We are a licensed money lender specialise in providing different loan services ranging from personal loans, payday loans, study loans to foreigner loans as well. We help every individual in Singapore, including PRs and foreigner, who is in need of urgent cash and all loan applications are processed as quickly as possible.

Regardless of which lender you go through, making sure they are in compliance with all legal regulations, and are fully licensed, is the first, and most important factor to make as a borrower. From there, and once you determine their licenses are up to date, you will then want to compare the interest, terms of the loan, and any other variable factors that are going to influence the repayment on the loan amount you are going to borrow, through any of these licensed money lenders.

Credit Hub Capital Pte. Ltd. | Registration No: 201004091N | License No: 136/2014

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About Money Lender Singapore

For those in need of cash, the right money lender in Singapore can help. But, prior to selecting which one you are going to borrow with, it is very important to find those who are licensed, have a solid reputation, and have been in business for several years, to ensure you receive what you need, in terms of that loan.

What are Licensed Money Lenders?

A licensed money lender is one that is approved by the Singapore government, to loan money to different entities. There are both private money lender Singapore, as well as the money lender in Singapore that provides business type loans. A way to determine if the legal money lender is licensed, is to look at their advertising; licensed lenders can only advertise through: business/consumer directories, their own website, or advertisements that are placed within the money lender’s shop or facilities.

How Money Lenders Can Help You

There are a number of ways money lenders can help you. For starters, those who need quick cash, will receive this loan much quicker than those through government sources. The quick, “payday” loan, is going to allow you to have instant access to cash. In most instances, the lender can help you, even if you do not have great credit; since most do not run credit checks, you can be approved, even with less than average credit. These lenders can also help, by providing a reasonable sum of cash; in most instances, income or other variables are reviewed, which determines how much they can lend. Basically, the lender is a quick means to instant cash, and a way to get approved, even if you would not be approved, through other bank lenders.

Advantages of Different Loan Types

With a revolving loan, you can use the money up to a certain limit, and repayment will be made in small increments, over a period of time. Secured loans allow you to apply, by pledging certain assets, in the event you do not repay on time. Personal loans, such as unsecured, allow anyone to borrow, but higher interests are charged. With a guaranteed loan, you have a guarantor sign, in the event you default. With any of these loans, you are approved, but the terms vary, and rates will vary, based on the lender, and amounts being borrowed.

Top Money Lenders in Singapore

When borrowing with money lenders, it is important to find the top licensed lenders. Here is most recommended moneylenders in Singapore that you want to contact if loan is required.